KingsStock 2022 Update – It’s on!

Well it’s been a while now hasn’t it!

All these global nightmares sure do leave you understandably exhausted, they can cause significant upheaval, and definitely require re-evaluation after re-evaluation in most of our lives.
This enforced season of stoppage for the festival has given us a unique opportunity to scrutinise what we do and why we do it.

The result is something we, and the team, are increasingly excited about!

Go BIG or go home, they say.
The implication being home is the lesser choice – but we don’t think so. Many people’s homes have been a place of refuge in turbulent times. Home is a place some are forced to fight to defend. Home can be a place to be the real you, a place of rest, a place where you keep all your favourite things and reminders of good times. KingsStock started in our home. “There’s no place like home” a wild hearted, ruby shoed young adventurer once said.

KingsStock has always encouraged participation, partnership in the best party of the summer. It takes a dedicated team and commitments from many to make the whole. We love that. We want more of that. So much so we are changing the model of what we are doing with the fest. We want you all to make what we do happen, and what we do is provide a valued platform of support and encouragement for bands who share our divine values.

What does this all mean James, I hear you ask.

It means we are no longer selling tickets to consumers.

But don’t panic!!!

It also means you can partner in our endeavour via a donation this year, and as a thank you for supporting the cause we are throwing a limited capacity, one day only festival event at the same venue it all started at over a decade ago.

This year’s KingsStock is going to be really quite special!

So don’t hesitate, make your contribution today, secure your invite, and find out more about this amazing event. There is a minimum we need to raise to make it all happen, so it’s in your hands to make it a reality.

What we can tell you is that the venue near Huntingdon is is a particular favourite of mine, and a place of fond memories for many of our festival old timers. We have enjoyed holding the festival at Moggerhanger Park in recent years, but we want to push the festival to a more boutique and intimate style gathering, and so 2022 becomes a significant continuation of our journey in that direction.
We have a great selection of live music acts booked, and we are planning so that neither extreme rain, nor extreme heat will hinder what will be an outstanding occasion.

As we make changes to what we do, there are some things we will part company with for now, so there will be no camping – although there are 2 campsites within a mile of the venue, no on-the-gate or reserved tickets – guest admittance will be strictly enforced, no dogs/pets as the venue has livestock roaming free, no food vendors – but you are welcome to bring a picnic and the Wild Goose Cafe will be open with delicious treats and beverages.
We also plan to part company with some of the significant stresses that burden a big event, financial and physical. After having a chance to avoid these stresses, we as a team are reluctant to pick them up ever again – did you know that just 4 people have been covering half the cost of holding the festival over the last couple of events?

So how does all that sound to you? A limited capacity, intimate festival with low stress, good homely vibes, and some great live music!

It sounds heaven sent to me.

Make sure Saturday 6th August is in your diary, invite your friends, and secure your places at KingsStock 2022!

We can’t wait to welcome you to the brand new good old fashioned KingsStock.

Biggest love.

James and Pauline (on behalf of the KingsStock family)