KingsStock 11 Annnoucement

Dear Friends,

After lots of careful thought, and with lots of advice sought, we have decided not to hold the 11th KingsStock Music Festival in 2020.

This has been a painful decision for us as the festival is a deeply personal endeavour for me and the team.

We feel it will be impossible to gather in a truly ‘KingsStock’ way as things currently stand, and it’s increasingly difficult to look forward with any certainty or clear understanding of what expectations will be on us in August.

It is possible that optimistic sounding government announcements might make us feel we should hold out for a chance to go ahead, but that could only serve to make things even more painful should we have to postpone closer to the time.

Many key people who help run our event fall into the category of those who require shielding, and we are not prepared to make these people vulnerable.

You probably know I can be quite the optimist, and I can find a silver lining, even with this!

We’ve been running the festival for 10 years straight, with 3 annual events in the years before it gained the name KingsStock. We can see the benefit in this being a fallow year for us as a family, and as a team. A year off physically delivering our wonderfully all consuming festival, and a chance to take stock of where we are, and where we are going – and we have plans to keep going a few more decades yet!

We are incredibly sad to be postponing KingsStock 11. This unique festival has become part of the lives of many people, and it gives us a sense of loss to not be going ahead in 2020. We really love working with the bands we book, and the people who attend.

Be assured we have begun the planning for holding an amazing KingsStock 11 in 2021!

Stay safe. Stay blessed.

James & The KingsStock Team

With regards to our finances, the festival is very much run on passion, not profit, and if partnering with us financially or in other ways is something you’d like to do in these challenging times, please get in touch ([email protected]) as we would love to talk with you.

One of the best ways of partnering with us is via our crowd funding initiative called Heaven Sent Friends – www.kingsstock.co.uk/about/heaven-sent-friends