KingsStock is all about live music. We spend months curating an amazing line up, ensuring the right bands are matched to the right stages, at the right time – creating an unforgettable live music experience!

The festival has been championing U.K. based bands for just over a decade now, and have helped encourage and raise the profile of some of the best contemporary christian acts on the scene. Bands love the festival, it has a unique authentic feel that has many performers declaring from the stage that it is their favourite festival to play.
Our Founder James Stevens was inspired to launch the festival after running successful music events as part of the HOPE 2008 initiative. He has been a regular attendee of a variety of music festivals for over 30 years, and loves the creative inspiration he finds in these special gatherings.
KingsStock’s line up isn’t any one type of music genre, or for any one type of music fan, we put time and effort into searching out some of the best current and established bands, bringing them together in a beautiful setting where those who appreciate quality original music can discover fresh new sounds.

There are three main components to KingsStock being such a great festival; the Bands, the Crew, and the Attendees.
Bands make or break an event, and despite lots of the acts not being as well known as they should be, we consistently book real gems.
Our Crew is like a family, adding a personal touch to an event that treats everyone as guests. The Crew ‘vibe’ is something that is nurtured all through the year with regular Crew gatherings at KingsStock HQ. All the Crew are volunteers, supporting the festival out of passion, not profit.
Lastly there are the Attendees, some of you have been attending the festival since its inauguration back in 2010. Our Attendees know they are ensured a fantastic weekend, and come with an open and expectant attitude. The event brings together people of all ages and backgrounds, and although doesn’t aim to be a children’s event, is family friendly and has a real safe-feeling atmosphere. Our event has become a real gathering place where friends old and new catch up over some great festival food and drink or in the campsite.