Site Open Times


Campsite opens: 1200 (Campers only)

Gates open: 1800

Festival Warm-Up DJ from: 1800

Live music: 1900 to 2200

After Hours Entertainment: 2200-0000


Campsite opens: 0900 (Campers only)

Gates open: 0900

Live music & entertainment: 0900-0000


Gates open: 0900

Live music & entertainment: 0900-0000


Gates open: 0900

Live music & entertainment: 0900-1400

Stuff you want to know

  • Car parking is free on the site and cars are parked at the owners risk; please ensure your car is locked and no valuables are on display.
  • Cars are not allowed to be parked in the camping site, please ensure you are able to carry all your camping gear.
  • There will be a bar on site, but you can bring your own alcohol, however, no glass bottles are permitted. Please avoid excess.
  • Cash is the only payment accepted by much of the site. We are working to provide more electronic payment opportunities.
  • The Stages will finish at approximately 10pm on Thursday evening, 11pm on Friday and Saturday evenings, and 2pm on Sunday.
  • There is a site wide noise curfew between 2am and 7am. Please do not disturb your neighbours.
  • There are Stewards on duty throughout the event 24 hours a day.
  • The campsite must be cleared by 12pm on Monday 12th August.


KingsStock will take place no matter what the weather – although we are mainly praying for warm sunshine! Make sure you are well equipped with wellies and waterproofs, as well as sun screen, and something warm and cosy for the evenings.


Parking is available at KingsStock, however we’d highly recommend car sharing if you cane

When parking please do so with consideration of others, the environment, and for Moggerhanger Park traffic – other areas of the park will need access available, and we must maintain access for the Emergency Services at all times.


We want all our festival goers to be safe and have fun at KingsStock, so try and look out for each other. Respect and kindness are good attitudes to foster.

This is the countryside – there aren’t many smooth surfaces, and there will be bugs and other wildlife – all the things that make it quaint and a bit of an adventure! The majority of the festival takes place at the same level – there are no steps or gradient to negotiate. The sandy nature of the soil results in the lawns having an undulating nature and occasional “potholes”.

Arm yourself with all the lotions and repellents you feel necessary.

The main park is open to the public during the festival, however the general public won’t have free access to the festival areas, please make sure your activities do not infringe on the public or local residents. There are footpaths that run near the camping areas, so make sure to take good care of your valuables.

We will do all that is reasonable to make the site safe for you to have fun on, but you are responsible for your own actions, and if you bring children please make sure they are looked after at all times.


Ticket holders who bring pets to the event are subject to strict rules, failure to adhere to them will result in the pet having to leave the event. Here are The Critter Commandments:

  1. Pets are not allowed in the main festival area or in the campsite.
  2. Pets must remain on a lead/tethered at all times.
  3. Pets must not be left unattended at any time.
  4. Clean up any poop from your pet.
  5. Make sure your pet can be clearly identified as yours.
  6. Beware: Some parts of the site are a working farm and there are potentially traps and poison left to control vermin.
  7. There is penned and free-ranging livestock – farmers hate their stock being harassed by dogs and they will have the final say if there is an incident. Some farmers take extreme action to protect their livestock.
  8. However well your pet can obey commands it still needs to be on a lead. This is because there are people who fear some animals and a loose one is upsetting for them – we do not want people to experience fear at our festival.
  9. There are footpaths around Moggerhanger Park, which could be a good place to exercise your pet.
  10. The actions of your pet will determine the future of other pets attendance at the festival.