A long time ago in a garden far far away…

…a bunch of folk were enjoying a BBQ together, steak sizzled, wine flowed, someone started playing a guitar…


The first Big Summer BBQ took place in 2007 and about 70 people turned up. The event was run in response to an appeal by a local Church for Sunday attenders to go and do something that benefited local communities, so we rose to the challenge.

That first year the stage was straw bales in our barn and we had a performance from Tim Attwooll.


The following summer we did it all over again with a bigger crowd, but the focus was the food and HOPE 2008 – a charitable community initiative running that year.


In 2009 we did it all again with a bigger crowd, and this time the Big Summer BBQ had three performances from Tim & Jacob Attwooll, Beauty And The Bassist, and Sapphire Marmalade – an impromptu rock outfit who arrived on motorbikes!

A late night debrief with close friends about the success of the event led to us deciding to make some adjustments for the following year by ditching the BBQ and getting a stage, the name KingsStock was conceived and a Micro Music Festival was born.


The first KingsStock took place in 2010, a stage was built in our front garden by Impact Stages and about 120 people turned up to hear performances by Jacob Attwooll, Beth Abraham, Tean Copp, Pauline Stevens, Nick the Accordion, Beauty and the Bassist, Ruth Jones, and Tim Attwooll. The Acoustic Orchard (Woodland) Stage was launched in this year and was made out of recycled materials next to an open fire.


Keith Hammond, Rudy Cullen, Ruth Jones & Stuart Towell, Michael Lawrence, Sapphire Marmalade, Fez, DJ Phrendly, Warren Du Toit, Ancient Yet Modern, Nitya Rajan and Navina Rajan, and Steph Collette all played – the line up was growing and we had provided an opportunity for loads of people to express their faith and creativity. 170 people rocked up for our first two day event.


Then came a wet year. We did all we could to prepare, but who wants to stand in the rain… about 200 people as it happens! The lawn was turned into a swamp, the stage had puddles on it and the floor of the farmhouse got dirty – proper dirty, yet the weekend had a very special feeling to it. 20 crew camped in the orchard and got really stuck in, as did several cars which needed towing out of the mud. The PA kit got a bit filthy too, the people who lent it to us vowed never to do it again, it all felt make or break but in the end it was an amazing event with performances from Empire Nation, Paul Bell, Jelz Music, The Following, Tall Trees Rising, Keith Hammond, Fez, Sapphire Marmalade, The Daves, Rudy Cullen, Michael Lawrence, and more giving us a great line up of 14 bands!

Many peoples’ highlight in 2012 was Laura Keen’s reading of the Gruffalo by the campfire in a highly interactive way involving costumes and cameo performances from the bands and team.

2012 was also the year we knew we’d need a bigger venue!


Dave Read, Yakobo, Jelz Music, Pete Mear, Chicken’s Can’t, The Paul Poulton Project, Matt McChlery, Explode The TV, Chip Kendall, Empire Nation, ECHO, Rudy Cullen, Jason De Vaux, Holly Smith, Tola, Jimmy Mack, Trace Taylor, Ambassadors Of Shalom, Keith Hammond, Daughters Of Davis, and The Darn Funk Orchestra all performed in 2013 at our brand new venue – Burleigh Hill Farm.

Impact Stages provided a huge stage and Nick Hall joined the team as Technical Director taking our production ability to new heights. 600 people came to the event, 50 of them camped; KingsStock had stepped up a level and the sun shone!

Christmas 2013

Things went so well in the summer of 2013 that we decided to run our first ever Christmas Special in the winter – and we are glad we did!

200 people packed into a beautifully decorated old barn to enjoy performances from Victoria Carter Cortez, Sing It Out Community Choir, Nick The Accordion, Libby Redman, and Daughters Of Davis. The crowd were also treated to mulled wine and mince pies in the shadow of a giant Christmas tree as well as partaking in a lantern parade to mark the official unveiling of a sculpture created by Via Beata during the summer festival.


In 2014 we raised the game again. This was the year of epic extra mile volunteers as well as performances from more than 30 acts:

Charles Cunliffe, Keith Hammond, Daughters Of Davis, Rudy Cullen, Empire Nation, Georgie B, Holly Smith, Jason De Vaux, Ambassadors Of Shalom, Ruth Jones, MOB Rimerez, Libby Redman, Dave Griffiths, Rivers And Robots, Paul Bell, Pete Mear, The Darn Funk Orchestra, ECHO, Shannon Calvert, Sounds Of Salvation, Chip Kendall, Fatherson, Rachel Yvonne, Peter118, Dissident Prophet, Matt McChlery, Jon Kendall, Jelz Music, Kristyna Myles, and closing the show as usual Chickens Can’t!

We had the ‘Don’ of the CCM music scene, Tony Cummings from Cross Rhythms, join us for the weekend and you can read his verdict here..


KingsStock at Moggerhanger Park. Probably our most monumental change yet.

We hosted an excellent selection of bands including: DJ Gracious Dish, Keith Hammond, Dave Read, Pete McAllen, Keith Sadler, Chickens Can’t, DJ Turkey Twizzler, Tola, MOB Rimez, Indian Summer, Rudy Cullen, Dissident Prophet, Rocket From Eden, Cenacle, The Darn Funk Orchestra, Matt McChlery, Daughters Of Davis, Verra Cruz, Bella Loka, Clutching At Straws, Sounds Of Salvation, DJ Mike Weston, Rachel Yvonne, Joshua Francis, Ruth Ellen, Chaos Curb, Jon Kendall, Kristyna Myles, and ECHO.


40% Growth. We were pretty happy with that! Who wouldn’t be?

An excellent year with 30c temperatures and an awesome Line Up which included: Jelz Music, Speak Brother, Vanessa Forero, Daughters Of Davis, Marc James, DJ Bernard Matthews, Tremaine, Alex Tompkins, Saving Strike, Vamoosery, Pete McAllen, Dave Griffiths, Kacey Chambers, Jules Rendell, Beauty For Ashes, Minister Taf, Jasmin Jones, Verra Cruz, DJ Mike Weston, Luke Bacon, Kneel, Peter 118, Black Smoke Symphony, The Grenaways, Farsight, Rudy Cullen, Dinachi Onuzo, and Cenacle.

Two charities, Talitha Arts and Compassion UK, were represented at the events, Compassion coming on board as official charity partners. This has been a rewarding partnership with the lives of young children being positively changed for good, right across the globe.


Our third year at Moggerhanger Park. A great year for the festival, where we connected with even more musicians from across the UK, and really found our feet as a gathering and connecting festival where people find a real sense of belonging. The fruit of our collective effort  is evident, and the event was an enriching time for many.
Performers this year included: Godtek, Matt Hurley, Voices Beyond, The Identity, Bean Baker, DJ Weston, Matt McChlery, Rebekah Vyce, Jelz Music, Saving Strike, Speak Brother, Tremaine, Dave Griffiths, ECHO, Dire Pitan, Daughters Of Davis, Ali Loaker, Farsight, Vamoosery, Verra Cruz, Tom McConnell, Chris Duckett, Chloe & Bethany, The Royal Standard, Inderpaul Sandhu, Dinachi, The Following, Ben Lawrence, and Those Scottish Campers.


Our first 4th year at a venue!
The summer of 2018 was scorching – the weekend of the fest wasn’t… we had thunderstorms. We also had our newest stage, the Unity Stage – and it’s sound system was louder than the thunder. The Clearing stage finally found it’s feet this year and operated as an open mic stage with some amazing and moving performances.
This year we had a major reshuffle in our site layout which dramatically improved the feel of the fest, and everyone loved it!
Our Line-Up included: Chris The Mix, DJ G, Peter 118, Pyramid Park, Long For The Coast, Philippa Hanna, Joseph Rowell, Johnny B, Feed’em, Jonny D, Voices Beyond, Rosanne Ro, Chloe Reynolds, James Mills, Digital Pilgrimz, Rebekah Vice, Zion, DJ SS, Inderpaul Sandhu, Bean Baker Band, The Bright Expression, Marc James, Chris Duckett, Jon Kendall, Those Scottish Campers, Sabrina Hilaire, Judith Ude, Tina Boonstra, Ru Cullen, Speak Brother, Vamoosery, Daughters Of Davis, The Sky Florescent, DJ Hitop, MC Tempo, J Chief, Tneek, Unique Creation, DJ Shunz, Junior Walker, and Flight Brigade.


Come and find out!